Jun 30th Back up my site!

Please refer to our online guides if you need any assistance with the upkeep of your hosting.

Backup: http://thehostingdoctor.com/knowledgebase/82/How-To-Backup-Your-Web-site.html

More information: http://thehostingdoctor.com/knowledgebase.php

Mar 15th FIFA 2014 World Cup Match Schedule [PDF]

Due to our high level of passion for football, we like to make life easy for those that share the same passion.Below is a link to the FIFA 2014 World Cup Match Schedule.Download Link: FIFA 2014 World Cup match schedule [PDF]This is a direct file from FIFA's website. If you would like to visit FIFA World Cup site directly, please click ... Read More »

Mar 15th Berlin Becomes First City To Have Its Own Internet Domain Name

Berlin won the race to become the world’s first city with its own domain name. Websites using the .berlin suffix are to debut March 18. “Domains are descriptive, not just cryptic abbreviations like .org or .com,” dotBerlin representative Dirk Krischenowski told reporters. The Local reported 55,000 websites ... Read More »

Mar 12th Anarchy2007 Tutorials to get you sorted!

Did you know that there are tutorials available online to help you with any issues you may come across?

Support videos cover everything from cPanel to Wordpress. Check it out!

Link: support.anarchy2007.com

Of course, there is always live support if you need it!

Thank you,
Anarchy2007 Support Team.

Dec 4th Brazuca unveiled as ball for Brazil 2014 World Cup

The new ball for next year's World Cup - called the "Brazuca," in honour of Brazil, of course - has been unveiled at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. The word "Brazuca" has a double meaning, used as a term for Brazilians living abroad - including its many footballers - but also as slang used to describe national pride. Manufacturer Adidas said on ... Read More »

Nov 21st 2014 FIFA World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet Excel **UPDATED**

Dear soccer fans around the world,   We have released the latest version of our 2014 FIFA World Cup Schedule and Scoresheet in excel.   If you have any comments or constructive criticisms, you may find appropriate contact details in the document itself.Fixed an issue, big thank you to John Burns!We fired the QC team....well we ... Read More »

Nov 1st Crazy Domain customers mad about being offline

One thousand customers of Crazy Domains were without access to their email and websites for five days after the company's hosting servers went down, with multiple complaints about ongoing poor customer service and lack of communication.  Crazy Domains, a former Perth-based company, is a cut-price email and web hosting service catering ... Read More »

Oct 8th Web Hosting and the "Unlimited" Myth

Some web host oversell disk space and/or bandwidth to unlimited quantities! Bandwidth and disk space cost money, so it's not possible or at least not economically feasible to offer one of them or both in unlimited amounts.Usually the ToS and AUP agreements hold the "key" to unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth: A few examples: A web ... Read More »

Jan 30th Facebook issues and errors

Facebook seems to be down for users around the globe!It seems that the administrators behind the famous Facebook.com are having issues keeping the coding together. Many users took to their Twitter accounts complaining that they were quite distraught, I mean what has the world come to?Ashlie Bradley ‏@AshlieBradley6Wow...If I'm think ... Read More »

Jan 22nd Domain Registrar breathes fire into Kim Dotcom's new Mega empire

Instra has partnered up with the infamous Kim Dotcom to bring the new Mega to life.Tony Lentino, the founder of the domain registrar Instra and personal friend of Megaupload's Kim Dotcom, has backed the latest venture from the 39 year old German born Internet entrepreneur. The new site, Mega.co.nz, promises Global Cloud Storage, 100% encryption ... Read More »

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