Jan 30th Facebook issues and errors

Facebook seems to be down for users around the globe!It seems that the administrators behind the famous Facebook.com are having issues keeping the coding together. Many users took to their Twitter accounts complaining that they were quite distraught, I mean what has the world come to?Ashlie Bradley ‏@AshlieBradley6Wow...If I'm think ... Read More »

Jan 22nd Domain Registrar breathes fire into Kim Dotcom's new Mega empire

Instra has partnered up with the infamous Kim Dotcom to bring the new Mega to life.Tony Lentino, the founder of the domain registrar Instra and personal friend of Megaupload's Kim Dotcom, has backed the latest venture from the 39 year old German born Internet entrepreneur. The new site, Mega.co.nz, promises Global Cloud Storage, 100% encryption ... Read More »

Jan 21st Domain Registration Tips

Tips for choosing domain namesChoosing a domain name is a big decision, one that you and your business or organisation may be living with for a long time to come - so it's best to get it right!The following are some tips, guidelines and advice to consider when searching for and selecting the best Internet domain name for you.Registering your ... Read More »

Jan 16th Domain Name Length Statistics

A domain name can be as long as 253 characters all told - but it's rare that one is. Here are some interesting statistics related to domain name length.   According to a report from domain marketplace SEDO, during 2011 the most popular length for any name traded on the marketplace was 8 characters - the longest was 42 characters.  A ... Read More »

Jan 13th Twitter's Domain Name Battle

Twitter is trying to gain control over a .ORG domain bearing its name - and in the process, provides an important lesson to all registrants.  According to technology news site Fusible, Twitter has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over the situation and the case is currently active - one of the first ... Read More »

Jan 11th Blizzard Entertainment takes ownership of mysterious Heroes of Warcraft domain

Blizzard Entertainment has taken ownership of the domain HeroesofWarcraft.com.Back in November 2012, the gaming company filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against the owner, setting off speculation about the company’s future plans and rumblings that Warcraft IV might be in the works.The dispute ... Read More »

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