Some web host oversell disk space and/or bandwidth to unlimited quantities! Bandwidth and disk space cost money, so it's not possible or at least not economically feasible to offer one of them or both in unlimited amounts.

Usually the ToS and AUP agreements hold the "key" to unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth:

A few examples:

  • A web host offering unlimited bandwidth might not allow video streaming which is know to be a heavy bandwidth "consumer";
  • A web host offering unlimited disk space might not allow files on the server that are not related to the website content;
  • A web host offering unlimited bandwidth might not allow an account to use more than 25% of the CPU for more than 90 seconds. And if you're planning to do heavy trafficking, you will require CPU power.

So, there is no way of getting real unlimited bandwidth and/or unlimited diskspace? Of course there is! It's just that you will need an unlimited budget to pay for that…

So what...? Well rest assured that if we promis you a certain disk space or bandwidth, it is allocated to you upfront - whether you use it or not, you are paying for it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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